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Golden Age Great Spotlight Volume 5

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This issue is devoted to the comic book work of one of comics’ all-time greats, Reed Crandall, in the only cover-to-cover overview of the industries’ first great “realist”. 150 pages in length, with 15 full-story reprints highlighting Crandall’s ultra-detailed renderings in crystal-clear black and white, sampling his work from it’s Golden Age beginnings at the Eisner/Iger shop in the early 1940’s straight through to the 1960’s. Stories include examples of his triumphs on DOLLMAN, The RAY, CAPTAIN TRIUMPH, FIREBRAND (two stories!!), UNCLE SAM, MANHUNTER, BLACKHAWK, The SPACE PATROL, FLASH GORDON, The WHIP, KEN SHANNON, STORMY FOSTER, and not one but TWO fantasy/SF short stories. All this plus a short bio by comics historiam Hames Ware, additional background text by AC publisher and comics histoian Bill Black, photos of the artist, and coverage of his work on HERCULES, The OLD WITCH, PAT PATRIOT, K’AANGA, BUSTER BROWN, Atlas Comics, EC, Warren and The Thunder Agents. A tour-du-force triumph celebrating a tremendous talent whose work is too often overlooked by contemporary readers and collectors. Full color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Released in 2011. (Please note: some of the material in this book has been prevuiously presented in issues of AC’s Men of Mystery , America’s Greatest Comics and Thrilling Science Fiction.)