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Golden Age Greats 12

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THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!  It’s buxom babes and bug-eyed monsters in vintage action as this volume looks at the S-F stories of the great EC Comics artists and others. Of course, the actual EC stories themselves are readily available in a variety of formats, from Gemstone publications and other sources, so here in GAG #10, we look at their space-opera output for other publishers. From the prolific pen and brush of Reed Crandall, we get an episode of the Interplanetary Police, titled “Rumpus On Rex”, reprinted from the rare Buster Brown shoestore givaway comic; from the great Wally Wood, we get an Avon beauty, Kenton Of Star Patrol, wherin Kenton meets…”The Alien Raiders!”. And, by Bernard Krigstein, “Battle For Alana”, starring The Space Busters, from St, John’s Daring Adventures #1, November of 1953;followed by “When Duty Calls”, illustrated by Al Williamson , from ACG. Also, “Dead Reckoning”, by Steve Ditko, from Charlton’s Space Adventures #11, Solar Legion and Cosmic Carson, both by Jack Kirby, from Tem Publications Crash Comics Adventures, 1940, and Fox Features Science Comics #4, (May of 1940) respectively. And the first great publisher of S-F material, Fiction House gets a salute with two stories: Mysta Of The Moon, by Matt Baker,and The Lost World, by George Evans, both from Planet Comics. Throw in a one-page Space Mouse and eight pages of historical text, and you’re ready to span the spaceways. Breathtaking, puklp-style pencil-rendered cover by Brad Gorby, interiors are black and white with graytones. Squarebound, trade paperback format, standard comic book size. Printed in 1998.