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Golden Age Greats 4

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THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The superheroes of Fawcett Publications are the topic of this volume, entitled “Captain Billy’s Whiz Gang”. Everyone is familiar with The Big Red Cheese, and his Family; here’s a chance to see some of their fellow stars, like: Spy Smasher, in “Hunt For Hitler!”, drawn by Alex Blum, from Spy Smasher #10, January of 1943; Bulletman and Bulletgirl in “The Homicidal Hijackers” from Master Comics #98, 1948-illustrated by Bob Fujitani; a wild Fawcett crossover story, Minute Man “…And The Man Who Demanded Death!”, rendered by Phil Bard, from Master #41, August of 1943, and co-starring Mr. Scarlet, Bulletman and Bulletgirl; Ibis The Invincible “Versus The Viking Horde”; and Mr. Scarlet and Pinky versus The Black Sphinx. With historical text, and a write-up on the 1942 Republic Pictures Spy Smasher serial. Color cover by Bill Black, taken from a Mac Raboy illustration; interiors are black and white with graytones. 100 pages, 8″ X 81/2″ squarebound trade paperback format. Printed in 1995.