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Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 4 : Big 3 And More

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Fox Features is once again the focus of this issues’ Golden Age Greats Spotlight, specifically Foxes’ super-hero all-star title, Big Three Comics. Including the cover, this is a full facsimile reprint of the original Big 3 comics, including all stories, ads & text pages, PLUS FIVE more vintage Fox Features stories!! A total of 100 pages in all!! First up, in the Big 3 section, it’s AC’s first-ever Fox Features BLUE BEETLE story reprint, this one an untitled 15-pager drawn by Sam Cooper. Then, Fantastic Comics stars SAMSON and DAVID in- “The Inner Crime Ring”, with art by Al Carreno’. Next, not one but TWO 9-page adventures of Wonderworld’s The FLAME, followed by the space-faring COSMIC CARSON, and the anti-hero Dr. DOOM, as written & drawn by Dick Briefer. Then, following a historical write-up of BIG 3 by comics historian Bill Black, there are bonus stories- YARKO the GREAT by Will Eisner, MOB-BUSTER ROBINSON by George Tuska, and Dr. FUNG by Bob Powell; all three from early issues of Wonderworld Comics; NAVY JONES from Weird Comics, and The GREEN MASK by Arturo Cazeneuve, from Green Mask Comics #9. An inpressive volume of crystal-clear, full-story vintage reprints from the early days of Fox Features. Standard comic book format, black & white interiors with full-color covers, 100 pages, saddle stitched. Printed in 2009.