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Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol 15- Good Girls III Coming in May 2014

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 15 cover art by Alex Schomburg

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 15 cover art by Alex SchomburgAC Comics has had such good response to our previous “Outrageous Good Girl Art”-themed issues of Golden Age Greats Spotlight (volumes 8 and 12, to be exact) that we just HAD to do it again! This time around, we are going to focus on the era of the1940’s, going cover to cover with ultra-rare glamour girl strips from the pre-war, wartime and post-war eras exclusively. Inside a spectacular Alex (Xela) Schomburg cover, this issue will mine previously-untapped sources of pretty, perky pulchritude like The Purple Tigress!! This extremely esoteric beauty ( a cross between a costumed heroine and a jungle girl) was the product of the infamous Iger studio gang, and appeared within the pages of Fox Feature’s comics. That formula brought us the classic Phantom Lady, Rulah, and other wild and winsome wonders- and wait’ll you see THIS one!! You probably never heard of Spitfire Saunders. We didn’t either , until we unearthed one of her turgid potboilers, brimming with great leg-art from veteran artist Sam Cooper. Alex Kotzky was one of the all-time greats who learned his craft in the Tudor City studios of Will Eisner. His is not a name usually associated with the “GGA” genre, but you’ll change your mind when you see his awesome artwork on this issues’ Sally O’Neill feature, from Quality’s National Comics. And if new discoveries get you going, be sure to check out Spider Woman- a costumed heroine who appeared ONLY ONCE- but WHAT an appearance!! And speaking of obscure, we’ve got another debutante this issue- we’ll bet you’ve never seen the jungle gal known as…Jun Gal, from Enwil’s Blazing Comics! Russel Keaton’s Flyin’ Jenny was among the best “girl art” newspaper strips of all time; it was also adapted for comic books and ran for a time in Eastern Color’s Heroic Comics. This go-around, we’ll present one of Keaton’s best. Mitzi Of The Movies is an often-forgotten GGA great from Fiction House Comics, since it appeared in a title (Movie Comics) not usually associated with girl art; but most of these stories were great. We need to reprint more of them- and we’re starting right here in GAG Spotlight Volume 15. As we usually try to do, we’ve made this a nice selection of glamour-art strips with something for everyone. If you like costumed heroines, we’ve got Lady Satan, and Wildfire (both in never-previously-reprinted stories) and The Woman In Red (in an adventure late in her Standard run, at a point when her costume was altered to make her look almost exactly like the later Standard heroine, Miss Masque!); jungle girls including Voodah, Zegra and Tangii, as well as Kaanga’s mate, Ann; sci-fi glitz with Lost World and an Avon short; romance with a St. John Matt Baker tear-jerker and a Bob Powell Harvey heart-render, straight action-adventure pin-up stuff with The Blonde Bomber (by Jill Elgin) and the redoutable Torchy ( reprinting her SECONDcomic book appearance).Other artists featured include  Jim Mooney,  Gus Ricca, Ralph Mayo, Fran Hopper, Maurice Whitman and more. If you love “girl art”- or just great Golden Age reprint material, Golden Age Greats Volume 15- Outrageous Good Girl Art III is a must-have. 140 pages of great GGA reprints straight out of the 1940’s!!! Standard comic book size, black and white interiors with full color covers, saddle stitched. $29.95, shipping in May 2014