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Golden Age GreatsSpotlight Special Volume 13

Golden Age GreatsSpotlight Special Volume 13 cover art

Golden Age GreatsSpotlight Special Volume 13 cover artPrice: $100.00



LAST COPY IN STOCK!!Golden Age Greats Spotlight Special Volume 13: The Centaur Chronicles is here!!
Being collectors an enthusiasts for Golden Age comics ourselves, it has long been our goal to try to bring to light some of the rarest, most important and most interesting pieces of comic book history. For many decades, one of the most esoteric and rarely-seen comic book publishers was the storied Centaur line of the late 1930’s/early 1940’s. Often looked at as a sort of “proving grounds” for concepts and creators, Centaurs’ historical importance as THE major client for the Lloyd Jaquet Studios just prior to (and during) the birth of Timely(now Marvel) Comics gives the line a certain “Pre-Marvel” feel, employing as it did most (if not all) of the same creators that produced early issues of Marvel Mystery, Daring Mystery, Red Raven, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner for the company that would become Marvel Comics. When we did a “Centaur-centric” issue of our long-running Men of Mystery title in 2010 (#83, to be exact), we were pretty pleased with ourselves, because it included TEN full Centaur story reprints, and no one ANYWHERE could boast of EVER showing as much Centaur previously in print. In recent months, as our print run of Men of Mystery #83 was selling out, our intial plan was to simply go back to press with the book as-is. But then we reconsidered. We’ve reprinted some OTHER Centaur stories since that volume, and come into possession of yet more that hadn’t seen the light of day. Not to mention the fact that one of our long-time friends (and a preeminent expert among comics historians) Hames Ware knows MORE about the convoluted lineage of publishers and investors that evolved into Centaur than anyone else alive, and has been bursting to tell the REAL story for years. So we decided to redit the Centaur stories from the now-out-of-print Men of Mystery #83, add in most of the other Centaur stories we’ve reprinted elsewhere, add a bunch of NEVER PREVIOUSLY REPRINTED Centaur tales AND top it all of with Hames Ware’s The Birth of Centaur, and REALLY make it THE most pages of reprints, info and coverage of this company EVER fit into ONE publication, and The Centaur Chronicles was born. Because this story was TOO BIG to fit into a regular-format issue of Golden Age Greats, we decided to make this a SPECIAL lucky 13Th issue of GAG Spotlight, with 220 pages of quality reprint in a squarebound, bookshelf format, as opposed to simply being stapled .Hence, the special price for this special volume Comic history mayvens will hate themselves if they DON’T get a copy of THIS blockbuster- GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT Volume 13: The Centaur Chronicles. 30 complete, full vintage Centaur stories reprinted; features that include: FANTOM of the FAIR, AMAZING MAN, The SHARK, The ARROW, IRON SKULL, MASKED MARVEL, Dr. HYPNO, SKYROCKET STEELE, DIRK The DEMON, The ERMINE, CHUCK HARDY, REEF KINKAID, The FIREMAN, The RAINBOW, SOLARMAN, ZARDI The ETERNAL MAN, LITTLE DYNAMITE, DAN DENNIS- FBI, MUSS ‘EM UP DONOVAN, Dr. MYSTIC, BLUE LADY, The BLUE FLAME, AIRSUB DX, AIRMAN and MINIMIDGET!! Classic early comics action as drawn by: Lew Glanz, Bob Lubbers, Martin Filchock, Bill Everett, Carl Burgos, Paul Gustavson, Sam Gilman, Frank Thomas, Ben Thompson, Joe Shuster, Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Jack Cole, Al Plastino, Frank Frollo, Harry Sahle, Steve Jussen and John Kolb!! Since the square-backed, “perfectbind” system we usedto bind this book is more expensive and requires more labor, it is likely that we will chose NOT to go back to press with this book once the intial print run has sold out. Currently, we have less than two dozen copies set aside for AC web shop sales; the rest of the print run is already presold to our didtributors. So- if you THINK you may want this book someday, we would suggest that you buy it NOW, rather than WAITING with the idea of picking it up off of our web store sometime in future- because at THAT point, they may all be gone- and the book might NOT be coming back.(Released in 2013.)