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Golden Age Men of Mystery 1 ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT!!

Price: $10.00




ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT!! ONCE THESE GO, THE BOOK WILL BE A COMPLETE SELL-OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! Comic book history and the sharpest, clearest Golden Age superhero reprints you’ll find anywhere are the hallmark of this great title, and this is it’s now-legendary first issue. A classic Black Terror adventure (“Eye Of The Lady Serpent”, from Nedor’s Black Terror #23)leads off this collection of rare stories from the 1940’s. It’s drawn by one of the era’s most storied art teams, Jerry (Batman) Robinson and Mort (Johnny Quick ) Meskin. Then, The Phantom Lady tussles with “The Meanest Man In The World”, from the Ajax-Farrel PL series. This story is from #4, June, 1955. The Heap battles a movie monster come to life, as drawn by Ernie Schroeder, and Magico versus The Ghost Rider, an Magazine Enterprises classic, originally seen in Redmask #45, 1954, as drawn by Dick Ayers. Also, The Avengedr wages a “One Man War”, from Avenger #3, June/July 1955, illustrated by Bob Powell, and the spectacular Bob Fujitani pits that crimson crusader for justice, Mr. Scarlet against “The Watchmen”, from Fawcett Comics’ Wow #67, 1948. It would take hundreds of dollars to purchase all the original books these stories came from…IF you could find them!!Color cover by Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1996. (listed on cover as Golden Age Mystery Men #1)