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Golden Age Men of Mystery 11

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Special salute to the original Holyoke Comics Cat-Man! This issue contains the never before reprinted secret origin of The Cat-Man and Kitten, taken from Cat-Man Comics # 27, and stunningly rendered by Bob Fujitani. It also guest-stars The Deacon and Mickey- a Golden Age crossover!! The beautiful and buxom Phantom Lady battles “Satan”s Seal”, from the #5 issue of her 1954 Ajax/Farrel series; and the awesome Nedor champion The Black Terror busts up “The Model Crimes”, in a Mort Meskin?Jerry Robinson story from Exciting Comics #64. Another import fills out the bill, as the Australian version of The Cat-Man romps through a 21-page adventure from the Frew Publication’s series 21st issue from the late 1950’s. It is illustrated by the talented John Dixon, and is titled “The Electronic Monster!” Once more this title packs vintage superhero action from cover to cover!!