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Golden Age Men of Mystery 2

Price: $3.48




Special color section issue!!! More vintage Golden Age treasures focusing on those masked good guys in this big second issue. It leads off with a spectacular Commando Yank story, (In COLOR!!) “Riddle Of The Arctic” by Dan (Flash Gordon ) Barry, from a 1948 issue of Wow Comics. Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson provide a stunning adventure of Nedor/Standard Comics star, The Fighting Yank, “The Crossroads Of Crime”, fromFighting Yank #25, 1948. The Black Terror is back, this time illustrated by Ruben (Tarzan) Moreira, as seen in Black Terror #25, December, 1948; The Ghost Rider suffers “The Return Of Magico”, drawn by Dick Ayers (with Ernie Bache) from Redmask #48, published by M. E. in 1954; The Phantom Lady breaks up a “Ringside Racket”, from the Ajax #1 issue, 1954, and finally Sterling Comics’ Captain Flash (In COLOR!!!) takes on “The Beast From 1,000,000 BC”, drawn by Mike Sekowsky for Captain Flash #3, May of 1955. All this plus the text feature, “The Story Behind The Cover”, written by Roy (Conan The Barbarian) Thomas. Where else could you get all this (printed razor-sharp on 50lb white offset paper, no less ) for only $6.95? Color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1996.