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Golden Age Men of Mystery 5

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A brand new painted cover by Dick Ayers and Bill Black leads off this issue,and The Black Terror is back in an exciting adventure by those champions of comic book noir, Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin. This one is called “The Brute Of The Bayou”, and it originally appeared in Nedor Comics’ Black Terror #26, April of 1949. The luscious crimefighter Miss Masque (who was also revived in AC’s Femforce title)makes her first appearance in this title, in “Death Stalks At Night”,from America’s Best Comics #27, August of 1948. It sports art by Bob Oksner, with some panels inked by a young Frank Frazetta! Captain Flash is back to defeat “The Actor”, from Sterling’s Captain Flash #2, 1955. M. E.’s The Avenger faces “The Red Hand Of Terror” by Dick Ayers, from The Avenger #1,in 1954; obcure Golden Age hero The Red Rocket also debuts this issue in “The Case Of The Wandering Evidence”, from Ajax/Farrel’s Phantom Lady #4. Plu, Mr. Mystic, by Bob Powell. This issue’s “Story Behind The Cover”, written by Bill Black, features illustrations specially created for it by Dick Ayers. Color painted cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1997.