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Golden Age Men of Mystery 8

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A Rocketman and Rocketgirl cover introduces the high-flying heroes, who appear in an intitled story drawn by Al Plastino from their St. John incarnation. This tale is taken from Zip-jet #1, February of 1952. Mr. Scarlet must find the antidote to the “Formula For Death”, drawn by Bob Fujitani, and reprinted from Fawcett’s Wow #62, January of 1948. The sexy woman of mystery this issue is Starr Flagg- Undercover Girl. She meets “The Doom Of Siva Dey”, drawn by Ogden(Herbie) Whitney, in a story from Magazine Enterprises’ Manhunt #9, June of 1948.There’s cat-fights and bondage thrills in this story that features a villainess who was actually revived in AC’s long-running Femforce comic. That stalwart of Sterling Comics, Captain Flash is back to meet “The Return Of The Mirror man”, as rendered by Mike Sekowsky, from Captain Flash #2, March of 1955. The Owl and Owlgirl swoop out of the midnight skies to keep criminals in check in a tale torn from the pages of Dell’s Crackajack Funnies, drawn by Frank Thomas sometime in 1942. Wild man Jack Cole illustrates an early Midnight story from Quality’s Smash Comics, circa 1941, and “The Menace Of The Horror Weeds” threatens the beautiful Princess Taia and Ibis The Invincible in a story from Whiz Comics #150, October of 1952. No less than seven Golden Age features reproduced in sharp, crystal clarity. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1998.