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Golden Age Men of Mystery Digest Special 1

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THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!Golden Age Men Of Mystery Digest Special #1 $15.95 Men Of Mystery is unanimously regarded as comicdom’s top showcase for the highest-quality reptints, covering the best and most interesting costumed characters of the 1940’s and ’50’s. This special limited print run special format annual features 12 full vintage Golden Age stories never opreviously ptrinted in Men Of Mystery.(Regular AC fans take note, however- most of this book’s contents are made up of stories formerly reprinted in Catman Ashcan #2, Avenger Ashcan #0, and Rocketman Ashcan #’s 1 and 2.) It includes three full adventures od Magazine Enterprises’ Avenger, all drawn by Bob Powell: “Rust On The Iron Curtain”, “The Invader From The Sea”, and “The Metal Menace”; two stories starring Holyoke/Tem’s Cat-Man and Kitten, including the origin and first appearance of the Kitten, (( drawn by Charles Quinlan ), and the origin of Cat-Man: ( from Crash Comics #4, drawn by Irwin Hasen), four tales of Harry “A” Chesler’s Rocketman QAand Rocketgirl: “Death Stalks The Show”, “The Cryptic Cache”, “Murder Hides It”s Tracks”, and “Terror Strikes The Turnpike”- with art by Ruben Moriera and Al Plastino; a pair of Bill Ward-drawn Bulletman mysteries- “The Robber Who Was Dead”, and “Dressed To Kill”, from Fawcett Comics; and another M. E. guest vignette, Bob Powell’s Strongman in “Peril At Devil’s Kitchen” This book contains TWICE the number of pages as an actual Golden Age comic. A big chunk of comic history in a small package. Color cover with black and white interiors, 120 pages, 81/2″ X 51/2″ compact comic format. Printed in 2001. Fans of Irwin Hasen’s work in this book take note: you can buy original art including original art from Dondi strips and prints in our webstore under Special Offers-Masterworks Gallery!