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Good Girl Art Quarterly 10

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Even this issue’s new Femforce story has a Golden Age flavor, as it stars AC’s revival of the 1940’s Nedor/Standard heroine, Miss Masque, in “Mudslinging!” Appearing on a sleazy T. V. taslk show to try to defend the honor of her newfound friends the Femforce, MM doesn’t know that the host has brought in a wringer to share the stage- the villainous Madame Boa. When Boa goads MM into an on-camera cat fight, and the show’s nefarious host wheels out a vat of mud for them to roll around in, it takes some quick thinking and fast-talking by Miss M. to get her opponent to team up with her and takeit out on the host. Plot and breakdowns by Richard(The Count)Rome and Norman Hardy Jr., drawn by Richard Pollard, Sr. with script and inking by Mark G. Heike. Way-out girl-fighting and mud-wrestling!! This ish’s classic reprint section is a big winner, led off by Matt Baker’s Fiction House flozzy, Sky Gal(formerly Girl), as seen in Jumbo Comics, a Bill Black text feature (with lotsa GREAT Alex Schomburg cover repros ) on Nedor’s Miss Masque, a Holyoke Comics Miss Victory adventure, drawn by Nina Albright, initially printed in Captain Aero Comics, a Fox Features Phantom Lady story, “The Substitue Cinderella”, drawn by Nick Alton ( in color ) and a way-out Quality Comics Torchy “tale”, drawn by her creator, Bill Ward. Beautiful, sexy gals in skimpy costumers- with lots of action and laughs. That’s the GGAQ experience.