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Good Girl Art Quarterly 11

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Yankee Girl!!! When Yankeee Girl first appeared as a supporting character in Femforce, ( among the dozens of REAL Golden Age characters revived out of Dr. Jonathan Weir’s Vault Of Heroes) she almost IMMEDIATELY became a hit with FF fans. Tho’ back in her 1940’s “series ” for Harry “A” Chesler’s line, she actually had ony ONE appearance in costume, ( Dynamic Comics #23) she has made dozens of hit guest appearances in Femforce and other AC books. This is her first modern-era solo story, and first color AC appearance- “Sugar Cakes”. So, what DOES a superheroine-out-of-time ( with her family fortune long since squandered while in stasis ) do for an income? Well, advertising spokesperson for a breakfast dessert snack might work- but don’t bet on it. It’s a laugh a minute in this lighthearted story, with script and inks by Mark(Mantra)Heike, drawn by Brad(Spawn)Gorby. The story guest stars Wayne Markley and The Green Lama. The, it’s reprints of what are unquestionably THE three best GGA glamour strips of comic’s Golden Age-Quality’s Torchy by creator Bill Ward, Fiction House’s Sky Gal(Girl) by Matt Baker, and best of all, Fox Feature’s Phantom Lady, in “The Case Of The Murderous Model”, also by Baker- and all THREE great strips are in COLOR! Plus, a report on publisher Bill Black’s experiences at the 1993 Tampa SunCon, with T.V.’s original Sheena, Irish McCalla, veteran comic art great Chic(The Fantastic Four) Stone, and comic and stryboard artist Paul( Predator, Robocop) Power. Could be the most fun issue of GGAQ yet!! Color cover by Mark Heike, interior is color and black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.