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Good Girl Art Quarterly 19

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GGAQ #19 IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE.*NEWSFLASH**NEWSFLASH**NEWSFLASH**NEWSFLASH**NEWSFLASH* …Due to situations beyond our control, Brad was unable to do the story in this issue! Mark and Stephanie Heike, came in and did the whole job from scratch in record time and saved the day!… By popular demand, AC Comics brings back a favorite title, one dedicated to the genre of “good girl art” in comics. Leading off is a sexy 12 page adventure of SHEENA, Queen of the Jungle by Bob Webb with Matt Baker… never before reprinted. The most outragous of all 1940’s girl art strips was Bill Ward’s TORCHY. Here’s another of the blonde bobbshell’s exploits where she manages to get her dress ripped off in no time flat! Matt Baker returns with another wacky SKY GIRL tale drawn to delight femme fans everywhere. Can SENORITA RIO stave off a Martian invasion and keep her skirt down at the same time? No way! It’s action South of the Border by Jack Kamen from Fiction House. Ralph Mayo illustrates the sexy CAMILLA from JUNGLE COMICS, and for FEMFORCE fans, Bill Black commemorates the 30th anniversary of two of his most bodacious creations…TARA and SYNN-GIRL FROM LSD- as illustrated by the great Brad Gorby, in a new, never-before-seen tale!! 52 pages, black and white with color covers