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Green Lama 1

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“The #0 issue was just to whet your appetite–but the REAL story starts here!! The GREEN LAMA lives once more in a darkly contemporary twist on the AC Comics universe. This is a new, more ‘character-driven’ and refreshingly inventive ‘re-imagining’ of one of the most enduring super-heroes of the Golden Age–as writer/artist James Ritchey revitalizes Pulp, Comics and Science Fiction great Kendall Foster Crossen’s legendary MAN OF STRENGTH for the 21st Century. World War III has come and gone–demons run amok in the streets, half of humanity, lost. Can an unsuspecting college student, Jethro “Jet” Dumont II, who has only come to realize that he is THE GREEN LAMA REBORN, bring back order, justice, and sanity–and heal the soul of a wounded world? Worst of all–can he do it in time to prevent the enslavement and destruction of the rest of humanity, by The GREEN LAMA’S oldest and most deadly foe? Four years in the making, this “Elseworlds”-meets-“Vertigo” -styled ‘riff’ on the classic Golden Age hero takes place in a reality apart from the usual AC dimension. Guest-starring a very different version of FEMFORCE–including Ms. Victory, Synn, Nightveil and She-Cat as you’ve NEVER seen them before–as well as GOLDEN LAD, and a ‘brain-teaser’ of cameos by classic Golden Age Prize and Spark Publications’ heroes and heroines on par with Finnegan’s Wake–with even more to come! Thirty-three pages of never-before-published story and art–and the birth of an exciting new series!! Written and penciled by James Ritchey III, with inks by Loki Dolza. Standard comic book size, 40 pages, black & white with color covers, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2007.”