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Green Lama 2

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THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The conclusion to creator James Ritchey’s acclaimed 2008 miniseries- “Man of Strength, Part II”. The timeless warrior known as the Green Lama thwarts the plan of the villainous Stopwatch to secure the future of the alternate version of the AC Universe in which he exists. Guest-stars include a revived version of the original Spark Comics superhero known as Atoman ,and other never-previously-revived GA heroes including Golden Lad, Swift Arrow, and Ace Comics’ Magno; as well as alternate-world versions of Ms. Victory, Paragon, Synn, Commando D, Nightveil, Speedbolt, Viddexx, Colt, Scarlet Scorpion, Beamer, Black Terror, Reddevil and The Fighting Yank. 30 pages written and penciled by James Ritchey, with inks by Jeff Austin and Mark Stegbauer. Plus, a vintage reprint from the original Green Lama’s Golden Age run; an untitled story from Prize Comics #32, as illustrated by Jack Binder. See what made this character an enduring favorite for almost seven decades. Then, as a special bonus, from the standard AC Universe , an untold tale from the 1940’s career of The Blue Bulleteer- “Trophy Wife Scorned”!! A film noir tour-de-force wherin the ‘Bulleteer must match wits with a newly-widowed gun moll and a pair of tommy gun totin’ gansters amidst a morgue on fire. Written by Maura Grundmeyer and Mark Dail, penciled bt Scott Larson and inked by Jeff Austin. A full 48 pages of great comics entertainment. Standard comic-book size, black & white interiors with color covers, printed in 2009.