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Lady Crime 1

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So far, AC Comics ONLY true foray into crime comics. “Only those that embrace me shall see me and those that embrace me shall suffer… for I am a tool of the Devil… I am Lady Crime.” Horror hosts like E.C.”s Crypt Keeper, or Warren Publication’s Uncle Creepy are familiar enough, in they late-1940’s heyday of crime comics, similar narrative characters were used in those books, too. Charles Biro’s “Mr. Crime”, from Crime Does Not Pay, being the most memorable. When the great Bob Powell jumped on the crime comics gravy train of that era, leave it to him to provide the concept with a superb sense of irony- a beautiful woman as the ultimate spirit of evil! And so Lady Crime was born. Unfortuneately for Powell fans, the Lady only appeared a couple of times in the Golden Age, and one of those appearances is reprinted in this book, “Murder For Pennies”, originally seen in Kerry Drake Comics #8, May of 1948. AC’s editorial staff took the liberty of utilizing the talents of Lady Crime to narrate two other wild, Powell- drawn precode crime stories here, though;”Aristocrat Of Crime”,first printed in Fawcett’s Down With Crime, circa 1950; and “Underground Oblivian”. Plus, another two-page Powell featurette- “How Good A detective Are You?” Color cover, interiors are black and white. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1992.