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Lash LaRue Western 2

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THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!It started out by adding a web page on MONTE HALE to announce the forthcoming WESTERN MOVIE HERO No. 2 starring the last of the Silver Screen Cowboys. Monte’s page looked sharp and it was special because Monte himself provided rare, personal photos and background biography. It was obvious that Western film fans would love to see this.
It follows logically that they would like to see more about other film cowboys that appear in AC Comics so work started on additional pages. So far ROY ROGERS/DALE EVANS, CHARLES STARRETT- THE DURANGO KID, ROCKY LANE, TOM MIX and LASH LaRUE pages have been constructed. As an enticement to coax fans to their upgraded Western site, AC Comics has published a special limited edition comic book that can only be purchased from their web site. This is LASH LaRUE No. 2 ,designed to be a limited B&W edition of 100 copies that will sell for $5.95. This book features the same cover that appeared on the original Fawcett Comics edition released in 1949 and is printed the same size as the original (7″ by 10″). The contents are different, however. AC has eliminated all the ad and filler pages that once appeared in these comics and has produced a book that is all story from cover to cover. The Lash story, “Ticket To Despair,” is 26 pages long. In addition, AC has added a special ROCKY LANE adventure to LASH LaRUE No. 2 making this book unique.

If this promotion is successful, AC intends to release additional Limited Edition Western comics based on your favorites. AC Comics has license to produce Roy Rogers and Dale Evans comics and these can be found among dozens and dozens of other classic Western comics listed on our web site.

WESTERN MOVIE HERO No. 2 is scheduled for release in August, 01. Everyone at AC is excited about this as it is a thrill to be working directly with Monte Hale and his wife, Joanne, on this project. Once published, the book will also be available at the Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles.