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Men Of Mystery #92 Coming In March, 2014!!

Men of Mystery #92 cover art

Men of Mystery #92 cover artThe BLACK TERROR has long been a favorite of Golden Age fans in general, and has certainly been represented often enough within the pages of Men of Mystery in years past. He’s been absent far too long lately, but he returns in MOM #92 in one of his most gripping 1940’s adventures. He’s not the only vintage “heavy-hitter” of the era  behind this classic Alex Schomburg cover, as Hillman’s  AIRBOY is on board as well, along with the original; “mighty mite”; Quality Comics’  DOLLMAN. These three were among the longest-lived, most successful costumed characters of the Golden Age. Of course, EVERY issue of MOM celebrates the rare and obscure characters of the era, as well as the very best- and everything in between. So prepare to be amazed by a look at the ORIGINAL comic book thunder god, Fox Features’ version of THOR, in a full-length adventure from the pages of a 1940 issue of Fox’s Weird Comics. More history from the progeny of Victor Fox pops up with a story of REX DEXTER, the FIRST all-orignal, ongoing-series outer space hero ever created in the American comic book. This bizarre spaceman, written and drawn by the unique Dick Briefer, debuted in Mystery Men Comics in 1939, and this issue’s story comes from among his first half-dozen appearances. There’s more sci-fi heroics after that, with Fiction Houses’ RED COMET, and the heroine called MOON GIRL. That cosmic- level champion known as  PHANTASMO is back, in another outing illustrated by pioneering African-American artist Elmer Stoner, as well as lady super-cop SALLY O’NEIL, in a spectacularly- drawn story by Alex Kotzky. Looking for a super-hero based in Eastern mysticism? Check ot The RED DRAGON, right here. As usual, there’ll be a selection of heroes never before seen in an issue of MEN OF MYSTERY- this go-around, it’s the offbeat duo named NIGHTMARE and SLEEPY, plus the man known as GUNMASTER; all from Hillman Pubs’ Clue Comics; in addition to a pair of Bob Powell creation- The SCARLET ARROW and The mysterious, mythical  MAN in  BLACK. Other artists featured will include Pierce Rice, Sheldon Moldoff, John Spranger, Edvard Moritz and others. All this, plus LOTS more surprises in a full 140 pages of classic Golden Age material -black and white interiors with full color covers, at standard comic book size .Where else can you find that but in the next big issue of MEN of MYSTERY, #92- coming at you in March, for only $29.95.