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Men of Mystery 93 Coming In June 2014 From AC Comics !!

Men of Mystery 93 cover artMen of Mystery regulars can’t seem to get enough  vintage reprints from the late, great Qulaity Comics line of the 1940’s and the 1950’s- and why should they? The company produced over a decade and a half  of  slick,  polished comic book product, and MOM  93 will put another heaping helping of that on display! What better way to start off a pre-Independence Day issue than with the most iconic patriotic figure of them all, Uncle Sam!! ‘Sam’s first-ever Men of Mystery reprint appearance comes inside of a spectacular cover  (probably designed by Will Eisner) penciled by Lou Fine and inked by Reed Crandall that initially appeared on National Comics #5 in 1940.  Another star-spangled  sentinel follows, with a rare story starring Rusty Ryan and his Boyville Brigadeers  during the period of his run in Feature Comics when Rusty wore his Captain America-inspired red, white and blue costume.  Hawkeye and The (Green )Arrow are two bow-slinging comic book heroes that are BIG in mass-media these days, but one archer that predated them both was Alias The Spider. Check out this Paul Gustavson creation here in HIS debut MOM appearance,  straight out of an early issue of Smash Comics.  Another hero from Smash  (also known to use a bow and arrow on occasion) was The Marksman.  Rarely seen or talked about; this Polish nobleman also masqueraded as a German officer in addition to his hooded identity as The Marksman. One of Quality’s biggest stars (no pun intended) was Dollman. He’ll be featured, too- in one of the FIRST stories in which his girlfriend Martha shrinks down to help on a case as a heroine known as Midge. Kid Eternity came onto the scene in Hit Comics at a point where more traditional super-types werer being phased out, but he proved to be a strong enough lead feature to eventually rate his own title, a status few Quality characters ever achieved.  See him in MOM #93 in one of his most intriguing cases.  At some companies, virtually everything that came after the main feature was nothing but filler, but not so at Quality. They had an extremely strong stable of second-line heroes, never designed to headline their own titles but strong enough to run issue after issue for nearly a decade. Check out a quartet of features this issue that fit the model- The Jester, Manhunter, Quicksilver and The Human Bomb, all here in stories not seen anywhere since the 1940’s.  All this plus Lady Luck, The Whip, T-Man,Torchy, Ken Shannon, interior art by Lou Fine,Reed Crandall,Paul Gustavson,John Spranger,Bill Ward,Alex Blum, Klaus Nordling, Al Bryant, Mac Raboy and Ruben Moreira and lots more suprises in Men of Mystery #93 The Quality Heroes Return;  140 pages of full-story vintage reprints  in black and white inside a full-color cover,  saddle stitched for $29.95, coming from AC Comics in June 2014.