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Men of Mystery #94 Preview

MOM94shopcoverThe miracle of powered flight was still a thing that captured imaginations in the 1940’s, and the aviator had been a dashing, heroic character (simply for having the guts- and skill- to climb into an airplane and defy gravity) since the turn of the 20Th century. When the birth of the costumed superhero and the onset of global warfare dovetailed at the opening of comics’ Golden Age, it was only natural that the burgeoning medium would spawn a good number of costumed, crimefighting flyers, and this 94Th issue of Men of Mystery will celebrate these skyfaring crime-crushers. Cover feature SKYMAN may have been the best of all. Illustrated by the very polished Ogden Whitney and created/written by the legendary Gardner Fox, SKYMAN had a healthy run of almost ten years in Vin Sullivan’s Columbia Comics’ Big Shot title. We’ve run a SKYMAN or two before, but this is a particularly good one, originally published in Big Shot #13. AIRBOY was another long-tenured flying hero, represented this issue in another feature-length story illustrated by the underrated Ernie Schroeder. And representing the distaff, there’ll be ace aviatrix BLACK VENUS, as rendered by Harvey Kurtzman, of all people. Fawcett’s PHANTOM EAGLE will be around, facing off against Japanese ace “The Hawk”, as written and drawn by Marc Swayze. Fiction Houses’ Wings Comics will be well-covered, with the PHANTOM FALCON, Capt. WINGS and Maurice Whitman’s GHOST SQUADRON. Also, MOM first-timers CAPTAIN AERO, GOLDEN EAGLE, WING TURNER and DEVIL-DOG DUGAN, all take flight here in this issue. For those with feet more firmly planted on the ground, we’ll also include a few vintage stories starring non-airborn heroes like TABU, The ZEBRA ( in a story drawn by Joe Kubert!!!), MAN IN BLACK, MICROFACE, Mr. E, The FACE and more. Other artists showcased this issue include Bob Powell, Fred Guardineer, Bob Lubbers, John Belfi, George Tuska, Rudy Palais, Mart Bailey and Charles Quinlan. That’s 140 pages of full-story vintage reprints in black and white inside a full-color cover, saddle stitched for $29.95. Men of Mystery #94 coming from AC Comics in September 2014.