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Miss Masque Strikes Back 1

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THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!MISS MASQUE came into existence in June of 1947, one of Standard/Nedor/Better’s last attempts at a costumed character. After 12 appearances spread over Nedor’s Exciting, Fighting Yank and Amerca’s Best Comics, the character disappeared into comic book limbo, until revived in 1990 as part of AC Comics’ FEMFORCE ” Vault Heroes” storyline that lead into the historic “Shroud Wars” FEMFORCE story arc. Spinning off from that revival (which included dozens of other previously-forgotten Golden Age champions), MISS MASQUE went on to become one of the FF’s most popular supporting characters/guest-stars, appearing in the FF book (and other AC titles) fighting along side the stars, and headlining her own solo stories. This special MISS MASQUE volume highlights the full career of the hat-wearing heroine in red, from her earliest Golden Age appearances until today- including not ONE, not TWO, but THREE ALL-NEW, NEVER PREVIOUSLY SEEN MISS MASQUE adventures, all set in her heyday of the late 1940’s. “The Funny Face of Death” (written by television and screenwriter David Watkins, and illustrated by Scott Larson and Jeff Austin) puts MM on the trail of a murderous clown that leaves a child an orphan, while “The Head of Hitler” is a spooky Post-War tale (written and drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Mark Heike) that seems to indicate that Der Fuhrer lived on, as a pawn of American gangsters, until MISS MASQUE stepped in. Then, it’s “The Killing Trail” (written by Watkins, with art by Eric Coile and Bill Black), where murder stalks the trails of the Triple C Ranch, until MISS MASQUE rides into town. (Please note that in OUR humbe opinion, “The Killing Trail” is by far THE best-drawn MISS MASQUE story ever to appear anywhere, at any time. Eric and Bill REALLY knocked themselves out on this one!!) That’s 30 pages worth of all-new MISS MASQUE “good girl” art in the AC Comics mode- but that’s not all!! This collection also features THREE of the best of MM’s actual Nedor Golden Age adventures; “Cleopatra’s Comb” (by Lin Streeter and Bob Oksner), “Beware Gangdom” (by Lin Streeter) and “Devil To Pay” (by Al Camerata and Ralph Mayo), AND a trio of MM’s top AC-era appearances, like the historic1991 tale (originally seen in Femforce #45) wherin MM fights side-by-side with The AVENGER to hold off the sorceress ALIZARIN CRIMSON (written by Bill Black, with art by Dick Ayers and Mark Heike) “My Own Murder” (from 2001, by Chris Irving, Ollie Drac and Mark Heike), and 2009’s “The Deadly Discs” (by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin). All this PLUS a special three-page preview of Will Meugniot’s great new “N.E.D.O.R. Agents “series, set to debut in Femforce #157, which co-stars MISS MASQUE!! All totaled, it’s 96 pages of MISS MASQUE “good girl” art action and adventure!! ( Please note that NONE of the material in this book appeared in AC’s previous MISS MASQUE comic book, simply titled “MISS MASQUE” #1, back in 2003.) MISS MASQUE STRIKES BACK #1 is standard comic book size, full color covers, saddle-stitched. Released in 2011