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Nyoka the Jungle Girl 2

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THIS BOOK IS COPMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!NY#2 ALL COLOR!!! The new Nyoka adventure continues, with chapter 2- “Cloud Of Death!” No sooner do Nyoka and her companion, aviator Chuck Ramsey narrowly escape death as the plane they were on crashes into a frozen mountainside, when they are captured by the fearsome Serpent Cult, and their beautiful but evil leader , Vida the Cobra Lady. Despare turns to joy when one of Nyoka’s captors appears to be her boyfriend, Larry Grayson. That is, until he releases billows of biological weaponry on her- The Cloud Of Death! Written by Bill Black, drawn by Black and Don Secrease, and inked by Bill Black.Note that the glide suit that Ramsey uses to save himself and Nyoka this issue looks very similar to one worn by Captain Midnight. The Golden Age reprint this issue is the three-part cliffhanger originally seen in Fawcett’s Nyoka # 45, “The Jungle Heads Of Horror”. It is shot directly from the original artwork- as perfect as the day it was drawn. Plus, “Nyoka For The Record”, thoughts on both the comic and film series, written by Bill Feret. Color photo cover of Kay Aldridge as Nyoka, glossy black and white interior and back covers. Book interiors are color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1988