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Nyoka the Jungle Girl 5

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A new comic-book style serial starts this issue, “Prowlers In The Night”. Investigating the strange behavior of close friend Larry Grayson in the last storyline, Nyoka is prowling the back alleys of Wadi Barta when she is attacked by a masked assassin. Only unexpected help from Skull Squad member The Blonde Bomber manages to save her- but both women are soon in the soup when confronted by- The Hooded Serpent!! Written and inked by Bill Black, with pencils by Richard(The Count)Rome. Adventure and “good girl art”. Then, it’s a three-part blast from the past with a Golden Age Nyoka reprint-“Message From Nowhere”. Photo centerspread repro of a lobby card from the Francis Gifford Nyoka serial, Jungle Girl. And a write-up of a serial retrospective held at the American Museum Of The Moving Image- “Cliffhanger Update”, by Bill Feret. Black and white photo cover, back and inside covers, interior is black and white with graytones. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.