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Paragon : Dark Apocalypse 1

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Part one of a four-part miniseries. FULL COLOR!! In an effort to maintain government control, unlicensed paranormals have been outlawed. Though he has been Earth’s primary super-defender for more than half a century, Paragon falls into that category. With trepidation, he reluctantly turns himself in, to get with the program and become legal.His origin and subsequent period in stasis are recapped, in a partial reprint from Paragon Pubs’ 1972 Captain Paragon #1. “Probation” is written by Bill Black, with art by Black, John Nadeau, Vic Bridges, Chad Hunt and Mark Heike. It begins the romance that will lead to Paragon’s marriage, and guest-stars Ms. Victory, The Black Commando, The Black Shroud, Klyness, Skymaster, Electrobolt, Lady Liberty, Masquerader, Dr. Mara, Proxima, Nikki and Richard Latimer, The Red Butcher, and Gibson. 36 pages, color coverand full color interior. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1993