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Paragon : Dark Apocalypse 2

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Part two of a four-part mini-series. FULL COLOR!! The renegade madman known as The Black Commando is loose, bent on vengence toward the government scientists who created him. Meanwhile, at the Colorado Project, Paragon and Ms. V. explore the nature of mental prowess that makes him a paranormal. As romance blooms, the Black Commando prowls ever-nearer. See the origin of the Black Commando and Stardust recapped, as former scientists Gibson and Margold enlist the aid of the mysterious powerhouse known as The Terror (formerly Standard/Nedor/Better’s classic Golden Age character, The Black Terror.) to protect them. “Sweating Bullets” guest-stars Joan Wayne, Dan Barton, Laura and Thomas Wright, Octavia Howard, Proxima, Dr. Mara, Nikki Latimer, The Black Shroud, The Justice Squad, Atoman, Speedbolt, Nightman, and Magic Lantern. 36 pages, color cover and full color interiors. Written by Bill Black, with art by John Nadeau, Richard (The Count) Rome, Chad Hunt, Michael White, and Mark Heike. Cover by Rik Levins and Pitz(John Beatty) Standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.