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Paragon : Dark Apocalypse 4

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Part four of a four-part miniseries FULL COLOR!! All the plot threads come together as General Gordon and the government find Paragon calls there bluff, resigns his government status and goes renegade!! The Terror staves off yet another Black Commando attack on Margold, while he and Clarke Gibson use events to conspire to lure The ‘Commando to the city of Bayport. Once there, Paragon and Ms. Victory find themselves trapped into an alliance with Margold and his pawns to stop the ‘Commando. A wild card is thrown into the mix when he grabs Nikki Latimer as a hostage. With Ostrowski’s rocket his only escape, The ‘Commando switches the doctor and his daughter for Nikki, and all three blast off for the stars. With the Black Commando threat effectively removed, Ms. V convinces Paragon to return to the Colorado Project and pick up the pieces. “Judgement Day!” is written by Bill Black, drawn by longtime X-men inker Tim Townsend, ( His first full professional job in comics.) and inked by Chris Allen, Michael White and Chad Hunt. It has a cover by Vic Bridges. It guest-stars Stardust, Commando D, Nightviel, The Scarlet Scorpion, Gus Bivona, and Tamara Lawford. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Color cover, full color throughout/ Printed in 1993