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Red Mask 3

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More 3-D Effect Comics Stories!! More episodes of Magazine Enterprises’ fictional masked identity for movie star Tim Holt. Four superb full story reprints from the heyday of the western, comics’ Golden Age. Stories include: “The Other RedMask”, from RedMask #45, with art by Frank Bolle; “The Gauntlet Of Terror”, from RedMask #44, art by Bolle; “Redmask By Remiston”, out of RedMask #46, illustrated by Bolle, plus an adventure of the humorous Jolly Jim Dandy, “The Busiest Beaver”, from Dan’l Boone , drawn by Dick Ayers. Vintage, classic western action, reproduced as crisp and clear as it was originally drawn in the early 1950’s. Some great “good girl art”, in the lead story in particular. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 28 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1992.