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Rocketman Ashcan 2

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More vintage Golden Age, covedr to cover!! Low press run! Rare! Rare! Rare! More great Harry “A” Chesler superhero action from the high-flying couple in yellow, with two hard-tp-find stories, beautifully reprinted : “Murder Hides It’s Tracks”, drawn by Al Plastino, and “Terror Strikes The Turnpike”, By Ruben Moriera. Since both of these were reprinted from the St. John “Zip-Jet” reprint series on the early ’50’s, (the cover of #1 being reprinted as the centerspread) the actual Chesler issues/numbers are not listed. But it’s great G. A. material, wonderfully reproduced. And, another bonus-Fawcett’s Bulletman and Bulletgirl, in “The Robber Who Was Dead”, drawn by Bill Ward. Color cover by Brad Gorby, interiors are black and white. 36 pages, 6″ X 81/2 ” ashcan edition format. These were printed in extremely low quantities in 1996.