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Roy Rogers and the Fourth of July Bandits Coloring BACK IN STOCK, BUT GOING FAST!!

Price: $20.00




ONLY FOUR COPIES LEFT IN STOCK!! A Roy Rogers coloring book, but unlike any you have ever seen! It’s designed so that it’s full-page black and white illustrations (definitely suitable for coloring by budding artists or old pros) tell a story. And what a story!! Roy, Dale and ALL of the familiar supporting characters from all of Roy’s movie and T.V. series are here-Pat Brady, Trigger, Gabby Hayes, Dusty, The Sons Of The Pioneers, Bullet, Smiley Burnette, Splinters McGonigle and more team up to stop a gang of bank robbers. Never before have ALL the Roy players appeared in any one story together !! It’s like the greatest Roy movie that never was!! And this is NOT a vintage reprint, but all new artwork created by contemporary artists (and Roy fans supreme) Wild Bill Black, Brad (Spawn)Gorby and John(Star Wars)Nadeau, from a story by Bill and Rebekah Black. Plus, eight pages of top-flight photo stills from Roy’s best movies. Color photo front and back covers, interiors are black and white. 81/2″ X 11″ magazine size, 48 pages. Originally printed in 1990, second printing in 1994. Fully licensed and authorized.