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Roy Rogers Western 3

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Another fun installment of Roy Rogers magic!! Great Roy comic adventures abound, with “Masquerade” by that master of the graphic arts, Alex Toth- including some memories on the challenges of working on the series from Alex himself! Then, ride the range with Roy and Pat Brady in “Cloudburst Gold”, as rendered by John Buscema, Dale Evans in “Strangers in Rocky River” by Russ Manning, and Gabby Hayes in “The Unlucky Horseshoes” by artist Leonard Frank. Articles include “Trigger! The Smartest Horse In The Movies”, and “North Of The Great Divide with Roy Rogers”by Bill Black. Sensational photos abound, like Roy on a motorcycle, Roy and Dale on the set, circa 1951, and Roy with Foy Willing and The Riders Of The Purple Sage, and lots more. They don’t make ’em like Roy anymore, and you won’t find books like this series anywhere else, either. Color photo front cover, black and white back and inside covers, interiors are black and white with graytones throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1999 Fully licensed and authorized.