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Sky Gal 1

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ALL COLOR!!! The first book in history devoted to the misadventures of Fiction House Comic’s would-be girl pilot- known as Sky Girl when her stories originally appeared in Jumbo Comics in the 1940’s, redheaded Ginger MaGuire ranks right up with Torchy and The Phantom Lady among the all-time best “good girl art” strips, and proved very popular with AC readers when many of her stories were reprinted in Good Girl Art Quarterly. Beautiful, leggy and funny, Ginger had all the charms it took to get readers to return month after month. This issue leads off with an ALL NEW Sky Gal story, drawn by the madcap master of gorgeous women, Brad Gorby The fun, fur and skirts fly when Ginge takes a twin-engine job up for a test flight, co-piloted by a gaggle of green gremlins. Story, pencils and inks by Gorby. Then, it’s four stupendous reprints of actual vintage Golden Age Sky Girl stories straight out of Jumbo Comics; including her very FIRST appearance ( from Jumbo #68 ) drawn by Alex Blum,plus THREE classic tales drawn by the master of GGA, Matt Baker! See her hilarious and sexy antics wrapped up with a mystery writer, on a scavenger hunt, and as part of a harem. Color cover by Brad Gorby, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1994.