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The Darkshade 1 SOLD OUT!

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THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!Learn the secret of the dark, spectral avenger known as Darkshade. Wheelchair- bound Roger Brant may be a commercial artist by day, but by night, his astral form emerges, melded with the spirits of 10,000 sacrificial human spirits, to fight evil and protect the innocent!! This volume reprises two classic ‘Shade stories from the early 1980’s; the origin of the Darkshade; “Dreamwalker”- written and drawn by creator Bill Black, originally presented in Americomics #1; and “Terror By Night”, written and drawn by Rik Levins, with inks by Willie Blyberg; from Americomics #2. Art is remastered by Bill Black, so even collectors who possess AC #’s 1 & @ will want to see these newly- adjusted versions. Also- rare photo stills from the never-released 1070″s ‘Shade feature film, “Bloodsuckers from Outer Space”!! Cover art by Joseph Mbeh. 36 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book size. Printed in 2004.