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The Power of Strong Man 1

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Straight out of the pages of Magazine Enterprises Comics, another forgotten great from the Golden Age is reprinted in AC’s state-of-the -art process. The strongest human being alive,he has no SUPERHUMAN powers, no fantastic magic that transforms him from weakling to unconquerable champion- but he DOES have great strength, which he developed himself with excercise, clean living, good eating, and POSITIVE WILL POWER. He also possess the ancient skills of judo, is an expert magician, and a champion lariat-thrower. All of these skills he uses to help the helpless and overcome wrongdoers as …Strong Man!! Read a pair of stories starring this unique hero, “Strongman To The Rescue”, from Strong Man #1, and “Robbin’ Hood”, from Strongman #4, both from 1955, both in color. Then, it’s two more M. E. classic reprints, Cave Girl in “The Lost JuJu”, last seen in Africa #1, 1952, and Thun’Da in “Jungle Killers”, out of Thun’Da #2, 1952. Best of all, all four stories written by Gardner Fox, and illustrated by the great Bob Powell!! Color cover by Powell, interiors are black and white with color. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.