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Torchy 1

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See Bill Wards’s ultimate comic book “good girl art” glamor gal straight out of the 1940’s, in all her long-legged, wasp-waisted, full breasted glory, cavorting through 13 (12 of which have never been reprinted by AC Comics) clean, crisp, full story reprints, modelling the skimpiest outfits and wildest lingerie this side of your own imagination!! Not actually an AC publication, but through a special stock buy-out we have aquired a quantity of these trade paperbacks originally published by Innovation in 1992. This is the best Torchy compilation we’ve ever seen, with the best of Ward’s Quality Comics efforts originally printed in Modern , Dollman, and her own book, plus one drawn by Gill Fox. All this AND a fully painted Olivia De Berardinis cover! Supplies are limited, so they won’t last long- better get it now. Full color cover, black and white interior, 98 pages, squarebound trade paperback format.