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TV’s Original Sheena : Irish McCalla TP Autographed Edition signed by Irish McCalla

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THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!!TV’s Original Sheena : Irish McCalla This is the Autographed Edition signed by Irish McCalla! Irish McCalla, the statuesque blonde beauty who portrayed Sheena, Queen of the Jungle in the mid-1950’s television series, is featured in this 100 page tribute. Irish herself contributed a new interview and shared some exerpts from her personal journal written during the filming of the series. Irish tells of her experiences as the celluloid jungle queen in the jungles of Mexico. This book is illustrated with many photos of Sheena, including color shots and rare pictures never before published! This book is printed on 50 lb. white offset paper . In addition, a representation of color photos spanning all aspects of Irish’s career are printed on glossy stock. A special full-color section reprints a 1941 Sheena comic book story by Bob Powell- and a second by Robert H. Webb; both rare treats, as they are shot from the original art! And, seen for the first time ever, a brand new comic book adventure entitled “Irish, Queen of the Jungle” will be included. It is written and illustrated by Bill Black, C. Bradford Gorby and Mark G. Heike. The film career of Irish MCCalla is covered, featuring a synopsis and photos of the cult classic, She Demons. An episode guide of the Sheena TV series is here, too. This full-sized, 81/2″ X 11″ trade paperback is printed on the finest stock paper for the best quality photo reproduction. 112 pages, 32 in full color, with a full-color cover. A must-have item for all film, pin-up and comic book collectors. Printed in 1992. autographed edition signed by Irish McCalla!