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Venture 2

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ALL COLOR!!! The saga of Bolt continues, as the events on the moon begin to evolve cognitive thought in his altered mind. His strange captor may turn out to be a benefactor, as the being known as Phate explains his own origin to him, and gives him the clues to put him on the trail to regaining his own humanity. But first, he must face the menace of the sultry space-beauty known as Black Blaze!! “The Man In The Moon” is written by Phil White, drawn by Erik Larsen and inked by Ralph Cabrera. The, it’s the “Secret Origin Of The Femforce!” Not actually, but it IS a reprint of a reworked version of the VERY FIRST Femforce story ever seen in print, originally presented in Paragon Pubs’ Femzine #1, seen in COLOR here for the first time, as they meet the menace of Gorgana, the She-Demon, who has rendered every male super-type powerless- and only the paranormal ladies of the FF are left to stop her. Guest starring Paragon, The Blonde Bomber, Scarlet Scorpion and She-Cat. Written and inked by Bill Black, with pencils by Willie Blyberg and Robert Walker. Finally, Explorers, Ltd. returns to face the mysterious mechanical menace of Turax the unstoppable!! Written and drawn by Mark Propst, and inked by Ralph Cabrera. Color cover by Ralph Cabrera, interiors are full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1986.