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Wall of Flesh 1

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A macabre Bill Black cover unfolds onto top-flight artistic talents on wild, way-out precode horror thriller-chillers in beautiful, crisp and clean full-story reprints straight out of the 1950’s. Bob Powell contributes the cover feature, as a mad genius creates a slab of artificial life-which must feed on humans to live in “Wall Of Flesh”. Joe Kubert rings in with a Middle Eastern tinged tale set in fogbound London with “The Curse of Khar”. Dick Ayers illustrates an Old West shocker narrated by the Magazine Enterprises Ghost Rider- The Haunted Horseman, called “The Bloody Fangs of Fear”, while Wally Wood supplies “The Repulsive Dwarf”. Reprints originally seen in the pages of comics published by M. E., Fawcett and Avon, plus a Wall Of Flesh pin-up featuring Femforce villainess Rad, by John Nadeau- and the proposed cover for W.O.F. #2, by Bill Black. 32 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format, printed in 1992.