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Wild Bill Pecos 1

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COLOR!!! One of the unsung classic Western gems of the late 1940’s, Patches Publications’ Wild Bill Pecos is honored, with this special volume of classic reprints from the Golden Age of comics. Five beautifully illustrated stories of The Old West- “The Secret Of The Lost Caves”, drawn by Syd Shores and Bob Rogers, from Westerner #39, 1951; “The Water Rustlers”, from Westerner #30, 1950; “The Saga Of Wild Bill Pecos, text by Bill Black; “Draw With Death”, drawn by Al Luster, from Westerner #38, 1951, and “The Outlaw Train”, reprinted from Westerner #36, 1951. Color cover by Syd Shores and Bill Black, interiors are color and black and white. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.