Femforce # 29


New leader Jennifer gets tough with the rest of the FF, who make an uneasy truce in light of the coming battle with The Black Shroud. Meanwhile, another alliance may be forming, as the unstable Rad and the equally mad Black Commando seem to be getting together-and who is that third to join them? Can it be…Colt?!? While Synn makes psychic contact with The Haunted Horseman, a previously-unknown patient at Dr. Jonathan Weir’s Asylum For The Criminally Insane (The above-ground face for his Vault Of Heroes.)is awakening- old Black Diamond villainess, Darkfire. Even in her clouded state, her paranormal mental powers detect the presence of- the entire population of Doc Weir’s Vault, now revived and conscious! Dozens and dozens of actual Golden Age heroes, inert in stasis for decades, now revived to prepare to fight The Shroud. Definitely the most G.A. heroes ever to appear in one story, anywhere. Crimebuster, Black Cobra, Blue Flame, The Hood, The Red Rocket, Catman and Kitten, The Eagle, Sub-Zero, Starr Flagg, American Crusader, Camilla, Strong Man, Cave Girl, Tiger Girl, The Green Lama and Black Venus is only a partial list. When the Shroud actually stikes at the Weir asylum, the assembled champions feel ready- until Doc reveals his facility houses scores of slumbering super-villains, too! “Darkfire Delusions

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