Femforce # 31


Nightveil and Dragonfly rush to The Weir Asylum to aid the revived heroes stave off the hoarde of revived villains, when who should appear but the Black Shroud’s agent the Anti-Paragon, who whisks off Mirror Man, Frankenstein, Iron Jaw and all the other baddies through a dimensional portal. This untitled story is written by Bill Black, drawn by Richard(The Count)Rome, and inked by Mark Heike, and guest stars Catman, Cave Girl, Captain Flash, The Target, The Avenger, Green Lama, The Hood, American Crusader and Lash Lightning. Elsewhere, we see a flashback of Dragonfly fighting a new and improved version of her old enemy, Psiborg. Though defeated by D-fly, the robot’s remains are salvaged by The Black Shroud, and he now has a new recruit for his evil army. A long-termed alliance between The Shroud and the alien Kronons is revealed, and how the Anti-Paragon was created. Stragely, The Shroud allows Dragonfly to go free. Is she, too, a part of his master plan? “Alliances

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