Femforce # 34


Under The Shadow Of The Shroud, Part 1 The opening shots had been fired, and now it’s all out Shroud War ! Natural disasters hit, and every concievable villain strikes, all across the world, orchestrated by The Black Shroud to bring down the heroes and bring about chaos. An impenetrable dome over Florida, costructed by The Shroud’s magic, cuts off the FF from The Vault Heroes, The Sentinels, and the rest of the world. But, there’s plenty of mayhem in the Sunshine State for the FF to deal with- invading Voltamen at Cape Canaveral, swamp monsters in Miami, a T-Rex in downtown Tampa, and werewolf troops at the Naval Training Center in Orlando- not to mention Iron Jaw, Frankenstein, The Clown and Satannus in Tallahasse. All this keeps our girls from getting bored, while Doc Weir (on the outside of the dome ) finds a flaw in The Shroud’s container – it can be be breached by travelling through the Earth- via the macabre Well Of Souls!! And at Latimer Labs, what can that strange scintilla of energy at the center of Dr. Jimenez’ Time Triangle portend? “A Darkness Within

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