Femforce # 47


Countdown To Victory #4 A freak attack on the limbo void by a strange being may mean freedom for the recently-consigned Alizarin Crimson, while the weakening Rad turns the tables on Fritz Voltzman by reversing Lady Luger’s own scheme, to trick Fritz into giving her a dilute version of the V vitamin. Suspicious as to what his wife has been up to, David Burke thinks he’s on her trail, when he’s arrested as an accomplice of his mother-in-law, Rad!! When Crimson makes a deal with the creator who inadvertantly freed her (It’s the goat god Capricorn), she returns to Earth with a boost in arcane power, and the charge of bringing Capricorn lots of Earth paranormal souls to feast on. With Nightveil on the scene, there’s sure to be a showdown. “Crimson: Into The Limbo Lost

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