Femforce # 96


It’s manga mania as that horrible apparition out of the Golden Age, The Claw returns. He’s taken over the underwater city of Oceanus One, and uses it as his base of operations for a new plan of world conquest. Hoodwinking Synn and her newly-created anime friends Popsie-Pop and Manga-Synn into coming down to Oceanus, The Claw hooks up her synestropic brain to a machine that will broadcast it’s reality-warping powers across the globe. His fiendish scheme? Remake ever human on the planet in his own image. Well, since Synn recently got hooked on reading manga and looking at anime’, her mind is still filled with those images, so when the machine is turned on- you guessed it- it’s big heads, big eyes and big hair for every man, woman and child on the planet. This doesn’t slow down The Claw a bit, though, as with an army of hypnotically- controlled Captain Freedoms in tow, he launches a full-scale attack on Washington D. C. As the FF giantess Tara Fremont grows to twelve stories high to bring The Claw down to size, he grows even bigger than the giant woman heroine. Can anything stop him? “Mangled By The Claw

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